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Small business at home

Running a business from home often isn't easy and sometimes our physical space just doesn't work.

Read on for Laura's story...


Laura's story

Laura had been working for a large company when she decided to go free-lance and start her own consulting firm.

‘Hello Cluttergone! Help, do you do offices as well? I set my second bedroom up as an office but I rarely use it. I'm doing all my work on my sitting room sofa. That can't be right.’

On my arrival, Laura showed me around her flat. Thinking that she could reduce her costs, she had briefly shared her office/bedroom

‘It didn't work. He was taking advantage and wanted access to the flat at all odd hours’

‘What are these boxes?’ I asked

‘Oh, that's his. I said he could store it here until he made other arrangements’

‘How long has it been?’

‘About a year or so’

‘Well, besides the fact that you really need the space: the boxes are taking up about 25% of your room, I get the sense that you've still lots of yuck feelings left from the whole arrangement. If you only do one thing, I think getting him to remove his stuff is going to really lift your mood’

We discussed some strategies that might work to get that to happen, including moving the boxes to a neutral friend with a BIG garage.

Laura hadn't been staying on top of her personal paper. There was nearly a year of unopened post and it had become mixed up with her work papers. The result was incredibly confusing.

‘Okay, first thing, let's make a pile for work and a pile for personal.’

‘Am I going to have to buy a file cabinet for my personal stuff’ said Laura looking at the file cabinet sized pile.

‘You'll be surprised! Once we've opened all the post and recycled all the envelopes, bumph and bits you don't want, it's only going to be a 3 inch pile’

‘You're kidding. I don't believe it. You were right’

When I came the next time, the boxes were gone and Laura had a big smile on her face.

‘It's like a big black cloud has lifted. Look at all the space I have now. We'll be able to move all the other business paper out of sitting room.’

So who are you?

Mum of two
Single professional
Inherited belongings
Drowning in paper
Small business at home
Moving on
Creative confusion

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