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Moving on

Sometimes we feel ready to change, but something holds us back.   For many people clearing their clutter can be the catalyst for getting their life back on track. 

Read on for the story of Karen...

Karen's story

'My flat's a mess.  I don't want to live like this anymore.  I want my life back'. 

Sure.  If you want to change, we can help.  The process can take some time though.  Clutter doesn't usually arrive overnight!'.

Karen was working hard and lived alone in a two-bedroom flat in a leafy suburb.

'Just look at this place,' Karen said  'It's a tip.  There are clothes and paper and stuff everywhere.  I can't think straight, and spend all my time worrying about my clutter but not actually doing it.  I moved into this place four years ago and still haven't unpacked the boxes.

'Let's start with the easy stuff' I said, and started picking up clothes from the floor. 

We sorted and hung clothes and put 'like with like'.  Tops together, trousers together, and undies in the drawer.

'If you know you'll never wear something again, put in a bag for charity'.  'We're not trying on today, it takes too much time!'

Four hours later we stood back and admired the tidy rows of neatly hung clothes.

'Wow, that's fantastic' said Karen.

'It's going to save me so much time getting ready for work in the morning!'

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