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Drowning in paper

Paper, paper and yet more paper, it get's everywhere.  We all fight the constant stream of the paper that makes it way into our homes.  It comes in the mail, adverts pushed through the door, newspapers and magazines, and stuff that comes back from work or school.  Sometimes we don't always win that battle....

Read on for Ray's story......

Ray's story

Ray had retired from work six months previously and now had time to deal with his paper.  Time had passed and still it hadn't got done.

'I just don't know where to start?' he said on the phone.  

'I've got the time to do it now, but somehow it's just not happening.  Can you help?'

Ray's one-bedroom flat was clean, tidy and very neat except for the paper which was overflowing from cardboard boxes and carrier bags piled by the sofa, stacked by the door and stashed under the bed.

'This must be the worst you've seen', he exclaimed.

'No, no' I said, 'I've seen much worse than this'.

'I can't believe I can't do this on my own, I used to be so organised at work', he replied

'Let's get cracking' I said.

Sitting at the table together we attacked the piles, discarding and sorting.   Making rough heaps for shredding, recycling and reviewing later.

'What I am I keeping those for?', Ray asked about the file of job applications from ten years ago.  'I don't need them now, that time has passed'.

'This looks important' I said as I handed a small brown envelope to Ray. 

'That's my original birth certificate and look, it's got my dad's handwriting on the outside of the envelope.  I've been looking for it for years!

It took us two sessions, a fortnight apart, but it was worth it.  All the paper in Ray's life now fitted neatly into five leverarch files and with extra space to expand.

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